Tips on Playing High School Football

If you are interested in playing high school football, you need to know some of the basics. Here are tips on playing some standard moves for the sport. Take these suggestions in mind if you want to have a solid football game.

Excellent Hand Off Moves

If you want better offense, you need to know more about the hand off. An excellent hand off begins with the running back providing a mark to the quarterback. This can be completed by making the running back maintain his arms flat against the body with one arm down low to produce an open square or mark all over the chest for the quarterback to slide the ball in.

As soon as the quarterback slips the ball inside the arms, the running back then closes his arms all over the ball to safeguard it. When the running back leaves the hand off, he has to remain low so he can react faster to shield the ball.

Good Up Downs

The up down is a well-known conditioning drill among football circles. It is an efficient means to boost cardiovascular strength and endurance. The drill is composed of directing players to sprint in place as quick and vigorous as they can. Every now and then the coach will gesture to the players by means of a command or whistle to get down. This means players need to do push-ups then get back up as fast as they can to do sprints again. This excellent workout should be done gradually and increase in terms of intensity and length bit by bit.

Catch the Ball Properly

Not all throws are flawless so you need to train producing catches that are either low or high. There is a good variety of passes that you can obtain. Here are the essentials on basic high-pass catching—extend your arms and maintain your hands together in a diamond shape in order to get the ball. As soon as you catch the ball with your body, there is a possibility that it will recoil and lead to an incomplete pass.

As soon as you got your hands all over the ball, keep track of it at all times and trail it straight into the tuck. There are receivers who fear a succeeding tackle and need to examine the field ASAP—they tail the catch by using their eyes so they are capable of catching more and taking in plenty of playing time.

Quick Jumps

Another skill that high school football players need is reaction. This can be developed by means of drills and conditioning. The quick jump is meant to boost reaction speed and the capability to change directions fast. It begins by positioning players inside a tiny 4-square box. As soon as the players arrange themselves in any of the corners, they will carry on jumping from one corner of the box to another, randomly or by means of a prefigured function. Variations can be done as well; the drill can be one-legged or the coach can change the order of the players.


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