The Basics About American High School Football

Football in the US is very similar to the way the sport was played in Canada. It is one of the most popular team sports in the country. People of all ages appreciate the excitement the sport brings. NFL season is always an event that is followed by a lot of American citizens. Football is played in high schools and colleges all over the country. Major football teams recruit the best players in college, so if high school students want to play in professional teams, they need to show effort and dedication to the sport at a young age.

High school football is known as prep football as well in the country. Prep football began in the 19th century. From the 19th century until the early 20th century, big numbers of university and high school teams played in various matches. The rules for the game are made and managed by the NFSH or National Federation of State High School Association.

American High School Facts

One rule of the sport is that the four quarters has a length of 12 minutes each. In case a ball passes through the field of the goal line on a field goal that was missed, it would be referred to as a touch back. The defense, in turn, will not be able to sprint for additional points.

It is a given that for every school, only its students are qualified for the football team. However, home-schooled students can now compete in high school football games through freelance or independent teams. These teams often compete in matches against smaller private schools. First games often happen in early September and the final season game happens in the middle of November.

Teams might acquire more than one bye weeks over the course of the standard seasons. Bigger schools are typically in charge of drawing attendees by the thousands even for games held during a regular season. At times, stadiums get packed to the gills with such large numbers of football fans and supporters.

High school football games are usually held during Friday nights and some Thursday evenings. Games are not held during Saturdays as a rule. Some publications provide countrywide team rankings depending on mathematical formulas and polls. These formulas and polls generally rely on the might of the schedules and the team’s victory margin. In the US, plenty of people and critics consider the USA Today polls as the most accurate in predicting team rankings.

Recruitment of players begins in the summer before the new school year and football season begins. The primary factor for recruitment of potential players starts with physical evaluation. The evaluation relied on such events like vertical jumps, bench press repetitions (with weight provided) and sprinting a 40-yard dash.

High school football championships are covered by local radios, and television outfits since the majority of the games are held during prime time. School’s radio stations announce the schedule of the games. Football in high school, USA is a sport that does not run out of participants due to the competition, strength, and excitement that it brings for many fans of the sport in the country.


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