South Florida Football | A Breed of Champions

One of the greatest parts I loved about growing up in south Florida and playing sports was the fact that you could literally play your sport ALL year round. Whether it was football, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, biking, running, walking – you name it, you can play it all year round in south Florida because the weather is almost always nice.

The Weather Factor for Football

There a few point I would like to make about the Sunshine State:

  • It is hot so athletes are in extremely good shape
  • You can practice all year round when you are younger.

How hot is Florida Football training?

Scorching! Most summer days are well into the 90’s, and boy I will tell you it is hot. Why do you think the snowbirds head back north during the summer? South Florida is like an arid wastes land desert it is so damn hot! You step out of your car and bam, you are sweating. I believe this contribute to Florida’s top contribution of athletes that go on to play on the college level and the Pro level. The physical shape these athletes are in just due to the heat puts them a step above the competition.

You Can Practice Football and any other spot All Year Around

Ok, another great thing is the weather allows you to play year round. Baseball is extremely hard to be played when it is snowing, along with tennis, golf, and many other sports. Now yes, for football you CAN practice in the snow. But have you ever tried? Man it is hell! It is much harder to run an efficient practice in the snow and cold than in a nice hot summer day! Not ot mention my above point of the Florida athletes getting into much better shape than other athletes due to this hot climate!

Field Quality is Slightly Better

I have coached and been to play many games as a young lad all around the US. I have to say, the fencing, field structure, bleachers – everything is slightly better in South Florida. Now, do not get me wrong here. I am not saying northern fields are bad. JUst that there is more care in Florida because it is easier! I have tons of contacts that help you get your field looking awesome in South Florida, from grounds creaa and sprinkler systems to a fence company in Fort Lauderdale who will ensure that your field is fenced properly and looks amazing!

The field quality is just plain better! I love south Florida and I think we will continue to be a powerhouse of producing top performing athletes. The training is just hands down easier. You ready to move to Florida yet to come play football?

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