High School Football Preparation

Football is believed to be the most exciting and well-known sport in the whole world. The kind of excitement it brings cannot compare, and playing the game has its advantages too especially in high school. The abilities players acquire when participating in the game can help them advance not only in football but on other sports too. In addition, they can take those skills in real life. The discipline instilled in sports help them grow to be well-rounded individuals.

Advantages of Playing High School Football

Football helps teach kids lots of life lessons that they can recall while they age. Kids will know how to work as a team, to communicate well with other people and achieve a common goal, which is to win the game.

Football also trains kids how to be down to earth winners and diplomatic, well-mannered losers. This is due to the fact that they have to operate throughout all emotions which are brought about over the course of a competition or training. The sport teaches kids the importance and value of working hard to attain goals and having the drive to achieve it. These skills that kids and teens learn at a young age will assist them in their progress and even turn them into future leaders.

Playing High School Football

If you are interested in playing football in high school, you do need to prepare for it. This is a contact sport after all and it is very physical. You need to determine the steps that you need to keep track of so you can land a spot on the team and become prepared in playing the sport. Here are more tips you need to remember.

  • Acquire an understanding of the sport’s essentials

Make sure to know the rules and the basics of defense and offense. Become aware of the positions that you will be playing most possibly depending on the type of body you have. Concentrate on learning several basic methods for that specific position.

  • If your area has a football camp, do not pass the opportunity to join it

Joining a football camp means you can further acquaint yourself with all of the essential drills and exercises you need to play the sport properly. Determine which methods you have to train for and master for those positions that you might be taking.

  • Get fit and strong

Get a gym membership so you can boost your strength and prep your body to all that hard training you will undergo as a part of the team. Concentrate on the capability to sustain cardio performance for 45 minutes at the least. Concentrate on gaining strength since you need it for playing the sport. Being fit and strong means less chances of acquiring injuries as well.

  • Learn basic drills

You can go online and look for lessons in basic football drills. Practice those drills at home whenever you have the chance.

  • Go on a healthier, cleaner diet

A healthier diet will allow you to perform exceptionally well and focus on the game. It will also provide you with the fuel you need throughout the course of the game. Steer clear of fatty foods and sodas, which not only gives you excess weight, but cuts down performance too.

  • If you have the chance, get in touch with your possible coach

You can acquire suggestions and advice from your potential coach for the next football season. There may be training programs going on already at your school that you can keep track of.


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American High School Football Season is a Fun Time for the Whole Community

High school football season is always a great time for students, parents, and communities in the United States. Playing the sport is considered very American. Players often prepare for games weeks before school starts. These training scheds often begin early in the morning and done for a number of days for weeks.

Players prep up for approximately ten games—one for every week following the start of the school semester until Thanksgiving holidays. The lucky teams will be qualified to play during the playoffs and championship competitions.

Football season for high school provides communities with a good sense of pride and joy in their localities. Individuals from all over the locality converge in the bleachers to provide support for their town teams. Students cheer for their friends and their teams. Parents, relatives, grandparents, brothers, and sisters also give support to family members playing for the team. High school alumni also attend games to check out the performance of their alma mater apart from spending time with batch mates. The stadium serves as a spot for communities to meet up and have fun while watching games.

The Costs of a High School Football Program

Remember though that giving an excellent football program for high schools can be a costly affair. Schools need to manage the expenses of facility use, travel, and equipment. In order to compensate for finances involved, some schools have funds in the district’s budget allotted for aspects like facility maintenance. However, most of the expenses are often taken on by parents.

To give constant support to the teams and pay for the costs at the same time, the majority of schools feature a football boosters organization. These organizations are composed of teachers, parents and community participants, and they often meet up to plan methods in which to continue support for the high school team.

These booster organizations or clubs are capable of discovering methods to raise funds and maintain football season. One of the most popular ways to raise money is making concessions. This is especially popular with fathers who like doing barbecues. Supporters can make stands and sell food at community events or during the games. They also produce football merchandise like t-shirts and key chains. These clubs can be really creative when it comes to acquiring funds for the football program.

Another great way of getting funds is through contests. Participants can join contests like dunking booths and football tosses before a game. These contests are usually held during the halftime period. Participants are selected at random care of tickets provided to attendees at the gate of the stadium. This is actually a fun and easy way to boost the number of attendees for games over the course of the season that is lesser in terms of attendance.

So there you have it. High school football is an exciting time not only for students of the school but the entire community. The games lift the morale of the community after a win. It is also a great and exciting means to spend Friday nights and be one with like-minded folks who are after a nice game of football.

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What American High School Football Teaches the Youth

A high school football team has players coming from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The athletes are in various shapes and sizes. But, even with their differences, they must work together to win. They must put aside their personal beliefs and cooperate to attain a common goal.

Adults who have played football know that working together with others can make their business or career success. Group effort trumps individual effort at all times. People who want to succeed must learn to cooperate with each other.

Struggling against Adversity

American high school football helps people how to overcome adversity. A football team and even its members struggle against all kinds of adversity every day. During a game, a player can get knocked down and beaten for a touchdown. The manner by which he deals with the situation dictates how he will play the game until the end. He will be fine if he learns from this adversity and moves on.

Outside of the football field, a man deals with different adversities. He may lose his job. If he knows how to overcome any adversity, he will be able to learn from his experience and move on. But, if he dwells on his career failure, he will not go far in life. He can never pick himself up and move on with life.

Consistency is the Name of the Game

High school football requires its athletes to work hard all the time. A player who is not serious about the game will find himself replaced with more qualified one.

The same is true with life. People who do not work hard will be replaced by someone better. Success is elusive to those people who do not work hard all the time.

Dependency on Others

A football player is part of the team. His team depends on him. He has a role to play, and he must play it well. The team will not succeed if this person does not do his job.

In real life, each person needs to do his best because other people depend on him. A project will not succeed if there are people who produce mediocre results. All team members suffer if the project fails.

Being Responsible

A football player must be responsible for his actions. If he wants to continue to be a part of the team, he must inform his coach if something comes up or if he cannot attend practice.

The same is true in life outside of the field. A person must be responsible enough because other people rely on him. If he is sick and cannot go to work, he must inform his superiors. Irresponsibility has no place in any organization. An irresponsible person will find himself booted out of any job or project.

Being a Good Team Player

An American high school football player may find satisfaction if he reaches his goal. But, this is not the goal of the whole team. Success is more satisfying if players work together to make their team win. Surrendering to the goal of the team is bigger and better than a personal goal.

Adults often fail in becoming a good team player. If they do not have the proper training and preparation, they will not be able to cooperate. For instance, they will not be able to have a successful marriage if they put their own goals first. In marriages, the needs and goals of the family must come first.


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Essential Drills for High School Football

You have to do some preparation if you want to compete in American high school football games. First, you need to learn the rules involved in the game and know the essentials of defense and offense. You have to be physically fit as well since the sport is very physical. This means you need to build strength and spend some time working out in the gym.

You can also join a football camp so you can sharpen your skills better and instill great discipline and mental capacity for the games. Football camp engages in drills that help student-athletes strengthen not only their bodies but their minds as well. Here are some of the basic drills that you need to know.

  • Practice high passes

Not every throw made by a player is flawless, so it is important that you practice on your catch. Make it a point to make good catches whether high or low. Practice on the high passes by doing this—create a diamond shape using your thumbs and forefingers. As soon as you have those hands extended, you are making a good catch. Do not catch the ball using your body.

You have to look at the catch through and through then gather it. Your eyes must not stray and always focus on the ball.

  • Learn gauntlet drills

One of the most crucial abilities that an offensive team must learn is securing the ball at all times and stopping turnovers and fumbles. Individuals who play wide receivers, quarterbacks and running back positions must practice those skills. One of the best methods to hone this is through the gauntlet drill.

This drill is done by having a player dash through some opponents that attempt to get the ball. The opponents can align in any development but the most commonly seen lineup are two lines, and the carrier of the ball should pass through those lines. To accomplish this drill, the player with the ball must hold the ball in a variety of positions.

  • Develop your reactions

The reaction is a capability that players must develop by means of drills and excellent conditioning. This particular drill will allow players to change directions swiftly during a game. The drill begins by positioning players in a downsized 4-square box. As soon as the players locate themselves in any of the box’s corners, they will then advance to jump from one corner of the spot to the other. This can be done randomly or using a pattern. Variations of it can be left or right, etc.

Those are just some of the basics that players need to know to master the game. Apart from those drills and workouts, players also require constant hydration over the course of a game or practice. Make drinking water a habit to keep you well hydrated at all times. Football requires tons of movement so sweating a lot is a given. By having water on hand, you will easily stop dehydration from occurring. Practice those drills along with enough water and your game will run smoothly.    


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High School Football in the US

In the USA, football has been confirmed to be the most well-known interscholastic sports event. It is also referred to as prep football. Prep football began in the 19th century and up till the 20th, there were huge football events where teams form universities and high schools held tournaments against each other. The sport also reflects other high school features like homecoming, mascots, marching bands and fundraisers.

More Information About High School Football

High school football rules are set and maintained by the National Federation of State High School Associations or the NFSH. Some of the rules stated in the list include that whenever a ball crosses the plane of goal line on a field goal that was missed, it would be referred to as a touchback and the defense cannot run additional point attempts.

Home-schooled students can still play football by means of freelance or independent teams. They can compete at events against smaller private school teams. The standard high school football season is composed of 10 games in every state in the country. The first game is held in early September while in the middle of November, the final standard season game begins.

Teams typically acquire more than 1 bye weeks over the course of the regular football season. Bigger schools meanwhile are in essence in charge of drawing the crowds over the thousands, even for standard football seasons. At times, in order to accommodate larger crowds, the games are done in football stadiums.

Games are usually held during Friday and Thursday nights. Weekends are not recommended. In the country, you will find a good number of publications which publicize national team rankings dependent on analytical formulas and polls. The rankings also depend on other aspects like schedule strength and margin of victory. The most factual among those polls according to high school football fans are the ones from USA Today. The team that gets on top of the polls is believed to be the countrywide champion.

Recruitment for teams begin during the summer prior to the upcoming school year. One top consideration is physical evaluation and included among other factors are assessments on doing vertical jumps, sprinting the 40-yard dash and an amount of bench press repetitions undertaken at a provided weight.

There are television and radio coverage done during these seasons, however only championship games are included. The local media is responsible for covering the happenings. The games are shown during prime time. Radio station broadcasts are also done through the school’s own radio stations. These broadcasts are managed by student announcers.

Football is a popular sport because it is an exciting spectacle to watch. The sport gives its participants plenty of benefits. It uplifts the spirit of the town or city and it lets all members of the community partake in the fun of high school football. The sport facilitates bonding and camaraderie not only among high school students but a great majority of town and city folk. Truly, high school football season is something you can’t wait to happen every year.


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Recruiting American High School Football Players for College Varsity

In the US, recruiting occurs when college football coaches include possible high school athletes to their list. Most of the time, college coaches offer an athletic scholarship to a high school football player. For smaller universities, coaches cannot offer scholarships and players pay for their own tuition and expenses.

High schools must comply with the underlying principles of integrity and fairness as set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association before their players can be included in the recruiting process. The guidelines of the NCAA include who can take part in recruiting when recruiting can occur, and the conduct of the recruiting process.

The General Recruiting Process for College Varsity Football

An American high school football player can be a prospect if the college varsity representative or college coach approaches him to participate in the athletic program. The manner of conversation can be through telephone calls, letters, and person-to-person meetings. But, such conversations have dates and frequency set by the NCAA guidelines.

Also, the college coach or representative assesses the playing abilities and academic qualifications of the high school football player. He can contact the athlete while on the college campus. For off-campus recruitment, the recruiter can only contact the high school standout through letters and phone calls.

The prospective football player makes an official visit to the school. The college pays for the player’s expenses. Both the college and prospective athlete abide by the stringent rules of the NCAA.

Why Recruiting Top High School Football Player is Important

If a college is able to win a football championship, it will accept more donations and have more undergraduate admissions. Recruiters highlight the athletic accomplishment of the college.

Winning championships is an effective way of advertising the college and secures additional funding. To ensure successful seasons continuously, recruiters must be able to sign up highly-talented and academically-eligible high school football players.

Perks of a College Football Recruit

In the US, college football enjoys a large following, especially in Division I of the Football Bowl Subdivision. A football recruit in one of the first-tier of the Division I universities can enjoy full scholarship.

The NCAA guidelines allow college varsity football teams to have at most 85 scholars in one academic year. However, they limit college scholarships in the second-tier to 63 full scholarships. But, second-tier universities offer partial scholarships. In Division II, colleges can only provide 36 full scholarships.

During the summer, high school football players attend college camps. The recruiters of the colleges assess the players’ athleticism like the agility shuttle, bench press repetitions, vertical jump, and the 40-yard dash. If the athlete receives an offer, he may commit verbally, although the agreement is non-binding.

Highly-talented high school football players commit late, usually within 30 days of National Signing Day. They sign the letter of intent to play football for their chosen college. Players, who do not have many offers, often commit earlier. The letter of intent binds the college and player for a full academic year.


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Key Things to Remember to Get That Excellent High School Football Scholarship

Are you a high school student who wants to play ball for the rest of your teenage years? Do you have plans for college football in the future? If you are dealing with those concerns, then brace up and read the rest of the article for some knowledge about the process.

It is a fact that competition for college football scholarships can be tough and intense. You have to start early to be noticed so this means your performance in high school football is critical. Every year, many high school players exert plenty of effort so they can have those scholarships. There is only a small percent of high school athletes who are going to make the cut while the majority will witness their football days end after high school graduation.

If you want to be part of the selected, lucky few who will still get to play ball in university, here are some suggestions you should remember so you can gain lots of advantage over run-of-the-mill players.

  1. Your size and strength will determine your chances to play ball

When it comes to high school football recruitment, an individual’s athleticism and size are factors that will make them a shoo-in for the team. You have to remember that football is a very physical sport. The coach will size you up if you have the form and strength to play the game.

  1. Potential athletes have the skills and talent for it

Apart from the size and strength, the coach will then begin looking at a student’s skills and capability to play at his competition level. The particular abilities that the coach will be on the lookout for vary for every position that requires a player.

  1. Would-be players need to be mentally tough to play the game

Coaches often pick players who have the mental aptitude to play the game in university. The drills and training required by high school football is intense. This is needed though in order to win games, and it also prepares student-athletes to handle the degree of competition that they will encounter in college football.

  1. Student-athletes should be able to balance study and football play

Coaches are after students who have tons of discipline. Schools are strict when it comes to their athletes. In order to play and compete in every season, they should keep up their grades. Hence, a player should have an excellent work ethic to be qualified for all football seasons.

  1. Coaches are only concerned of the program they are involved with

This sounds bleak and severe, but you have to keep in mind that your coach is more concerned about acquiring hopeful players for their program and winning every season. They are not really affected by your hopes to become a part of your chosen college’s football team. They are interested because they think you can help the team become a success.

If you think you have the potential to play high school football, then you have to do the hard work. Get in shape, practice your play and be mentally strong in order to be selected.


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Establishing a Junior Varsity Team for American High School Football

A junior varsity football team is not a major team in competition in high school. In the US, many of these junior varsity teams have freshman and sophomore players, although there may be instances where upperclassmen play on the team. However, it is possible for freshmen and sophomores to play at the varsity level, especially if they are physically matured and skilled.

The Need for Junior Varsity Football Players

A coaching staff chooses the members of the junior varsity football team. These underclassmen have less ability or experience than their varsity counterparts. Therefore, the coaching team hones their talents and skills to be able to compete at the varsity level. Sometimes, a highly-talented first-year student can play at the varsity level.

Some varsity teams require their members to come from the junior varsity teams. Also, the junior varsity football players can play as backup players to the varsity team. Most varsity football teams have coaches develop the talents of players in the junior varsity.

When does a Junior Varsity Football Player Play?

If a varsity player is disqualified due to a violation, is not playing well, or is injured, the coach may call on of the junior varsity football player to play. Sometimes, this junior player can have more playing time or allowed to play on the varsity team full time if he performs well.

The coach will decide who among the junior varsity players will play. Usually, the decision depends on the remaining time in a game, the strategy of the coach, the situation of the game, and the point margin. In most cases, if the team players are inexperienced, the coach will prioritize his main players to hone their skills further.

Sometimes, if the winning is ahead by a large margin, both coaches will use the junior players for the rest of the varsity game. The junior varsity football players will try to impress their coaches to gain more playing time in the future. Also, the coaches allow their junior players to play to reduce the risk of serious injury on their varsity players.

Scheduled Games for Junior Varsity Football Teams

Junior varsity football games are scheduled events that allow the players to hone their skills and gain experience. Sometimes, their games occur before a varsity game. In some cases, the games are played on a Saturday morning.

One year of playing for a junior varsity football team can bring a wealth of experience to the players. If they perform well within the year, they may become varsity players in the future. The varsity team’s head coach often attends the games to scout for players.

Sometimes, the junior varsity team travels with the varsity team. A large school with funds can allow their junior teams to go with the varsity team in their out-of-town games. Also, it may decide to alternate the schedules to ensure that at least one team plays at home weekly. If the varsity game is of little or no importance, the school may decide to send the whole junior varsity team to compete.


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South Florida Football | A Breed of Champions

One of the greatest parts I loved about growing up in south Florida and playing sports was the fact that you could literally play your sport ALL year round. Whether it was football, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, biking, running, walking – you name it, you can play it all year round in south Florida because the weather is almost always nice.

The Weather Factor for Football

There a few point I would like to make about the Sunshine State:

  • It is hot so athletes are in extremely good shape
  • You can practice all year round when you are younger.

How hot is Florida Football training?

Scorching! Most summer days are well into the 90’s, and boy I will tell you it is hot. Why do you think the snowbirds head back north during the summer? South Florida is like an arid wastes land desert it is so damn hot! You step out of your car and bam, you are sweating. I believe this contribute to Florida’s top contribution of athletes that go on to play on the college level and the Pro level. The physical shape these athletes are in just due to the heat puts them a step above the competition.

You Can Practice Football and any other spot All Year Around

Ok, another great thing is the weather allows you to play year round. Baseball is extremely hard to be played when it is snowing, along with tennis, golf, and many other sports. Now yes, for football you CAN practice in the snow. But have you ever tried? Man it is hell! It is much harder to run an efficient practice in the snow and cold than in a nice hot summer day! Not ot mention my above point of the Florida athletes getting into much better shape than other athletes due to this hot climate!

Field Quality is Slightly Better

I have coached and been to play many games as a young lad all around the US. I have to say, the fencing, field structure, bleachers – everything is slightly better in South Florida. Now, do not get me wrong here. I am not saying northern fields are bad. JUst that there is more care in Florida because it is easier! I have tons of contacts that help you get your field looking awesome in South Florida, from grounds creaa and sprinkler systems to a fence company in Fort Lauderdale who will ensure that your field is fenced properly and looks amazing!

The field quality is just plain better! I love south Florida and I think we will continue to be a powerhouse of producing top performing athletes. The training is just hands down easier. You ready to move to Florida yet to come play football?

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Florida Football Powerhouse

Some of the best high school football in the United States is played in Texas, Florida, California, and New York. With the implementation of new coaching and training methods nearly every season, the margin between hard work and talent is becoming smaller and smaller every year. Kids are getting bigger, faster, and stronger while also getting smarter at the game.


IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida is ranked number in the entire nation. Coached by Kevin Wright, the team is explosive program that has produced amazing players in a relatively short amount of time. The college-prep academy hasn’t conceded a loss since 2014, which is impressive all on its own. This has attracted a lot of criticism from other schools that aren’t classified as pre-college programs. The Ascenders have produced some big names that have attracted a lot of attention in recent news, like running back TJ Pledger, and quarterback, Arthur Sitkowski. The team’s players owe a lot of their success to their intense practice schedule, in addition to the overall synergy of the group. Aside from being a sports academy, IMG provides their students with a rigorous curriculum of common core schoolwork that also prepares their athletes to keep up with their grades once they graduate high school. A large portion of Division I athletes tend to have trouble maintaining a good GPA while they play sports in college, mainly due to the work ethic required while training as hard as they do every day. The success of this team seems to hinge upon hard work, dedication, and overall commitment to success.

Florida Powerhouse

It’s hard to become the best high school football team in the United States, and probably the world, without playing some of the toughest competition. Part of what makes IMG such a sports powerhouse is their intense, 21 game varsity schedule that pits the world’s top high school players against other high ranking teams. The Ascenders don’t mess around with who they play, and do not fluff their schedule with easy wins. This kind of exposure, according to the head coach, tends to pull much needed maturity of the players – every game that they play requires laser focus and determination. These kids are giving it everything they have every time they step onto the field. Why are they so good?

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Long Training Hours

Living in Florida usually gives teams like IMG the opportunity to practice football every day of every year. Perfecting plays, honing athletic ability, and connecting with teammates is a nonstop endeavor. American sports programs are only increasing in competency every year, meaning that the extra mile between a win and a loss is becoming longer and longer. The kids know that, approaching top schools like IMG to try and take their football game to the next level. Parents, coaches, and football fans everywhere are talking about the great future that IMG prep school players have in store for them. The school can provide the tools, but the players are ultimately the ones that have to put in the required time and the effort.