High School Football Season: Exciting Times for Students and the Whole Community

High school football season is something all students and members of the community look forward to every year. For the members of the football team, preparation involves hard training weeks prior to the start of the new school semester. The team practice early in the AM for several days. Teams often prepare themselves for approximately 10 games—1 for every week once school starts until the Thanksgiving holiday.

School and Community Spirit

For the successful teams, they will be able to play during the playoff season and of course, the much-awaited championship games. High school football period provides the entire student body with a rush of the school spirit. In the hallways and on student’s apparel, you will see support by the donning of school colors.

There are pep rallies headed by cheerleaders with the involvement of the football team, the marching band and various student groups. These are events that highlight the season. Students are into the whole idea of getting time off from school duties to attend these pep rallies.

The season can also provide the whole community with a fulfilling sense of pride when it comes to their town or city. Individuals from all over the place congregate in the areas where the matches are held to support teams. From the parents down to the grandparents, brothers, sisters and relatives, people from all walks of life cheer and support their favorite teams. School alumni also drop by to see how well their school is doing at the games. They also meet up with batch mates and bond like the old times. Stadiums during this season becomes the central point for the town or city during that season.

Financial Backing for the Teams

However, running a football program can be an expensive affair. The program has to pay for the expenses meant for facilities, equipment plus traveling for matches out of town. In order to finance such programs, several schools have financial backing in the district budget for factors like facility maintenance. However most of the time, the expenses are typically taken on by parents.

To manage these costs and continue supporting the team, majority of schools form a football boosters organization. At times, there is only a single boosters club for all sports teams in the school. These organizations are composed of teachers, parents and members of the community who meet up frequently and plan out methods in which to add more money to back up football teams.

Booster clubs or organizations determine methods in which to raise money to maintain a yearly football season. One of the most popular ways to raise money is to hold concessions. This is a great way for parents who love to cook to provide money for the program. Booster clubs can sell food and drinks at the game or during community events. Selling football merchandise and stadium seats are also great tried-and-tested methods. These groups actually can think of fun and creative ways to raise money for the program.

It is a must to raise financial backing for the program because high school football season is a celebration like no other. For a few months, the entire community revels in the excitement of the matches and at the same time unites all of the people in the area.


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