High School Football in the US

In the USA, football has been confirmed to be the most well-known interscholastic sports event. It is also referred to as prep football. Prep football began in the 19th century and up till the 20th, there were huge football events where teams form universities and high schools held tournaments against each other. The sport also reflects other high school features like homecoming, mascots, marching bands and fundraisers.

More Information About High School Football

High school football rules are set and maintained by the National Federation of State High School Associations or the NFSH. Some of the rules stated in the list include that whenever a ball crosses the plane of goal line on a field goal that was missed, it would be referred to as a touchback and the defense cannot run additional point attempts.

Home-schooled students can still play football by means of freelance or independent teams. They can compete at events against smaller private school teams. The standard high school football season is composed of 10 games in every state in the country. The first game is held in early September while in the middle of November, the final standard season game begins.

Teams typically acquire more than 1 bye weeks over the course of the regular football season. Bigger schools meanwhile are in essence in charge of drawing the crowds over the thousands, even for standard football seasons. At times, in order to accommodate larger crowds, the games are done in football stadiums.

Games are usually held during Friday and Thursday nights. Weekends are not recommended. In the country, you will find a good number of publications which publicize national team rankings dependent on analytical formulas and polls. The rankings also depend on other aspects like schedule strength and margin of victory. The most factual among those polls according to high school football fans are the ones from USA Today. The team that gets on top of the polls is believed to be the countrywide champion.

Recruitment for teams begin during the summer prior to the upcoming school year. One top consideration is physical evaluation and included among other factors are assessments on doing vertical jumps, sprinting the 40-yard dash and an amount of bench press repetitions undertaken at a provided weight.

There are television and radio coverage done during these seasons, however only championship games are included. The local media is responsible for covering the happenings. The games are shown during prime time. Radio station broadcasts are also done through the school’s own radio stations. These broadcasts are managed by student announcers.

Football is a popular sport because it is an exciting spectacle to watch. The sport gives its participants plenty of benefits. It uplifts the spirit of the town or city and it lets all members of the community partake in the fun of high school football. The sport facilitates bonding and camaraderie not only among high school students but a great majority of town and city folk. Truly, high school football season is something you can’t wait to happen every year.


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