Helpful Advice for Parents with Football Player Teens

Parents who have successful sons in their schools’ high school football teams are proud of the achievements of their children. In order to make their kids a success in the program, they support them and allow them to register for football camps and summer training. These preparations pay well during the football season. So if you have a child who plays football and you want him to succeed, what are the objectives parents need to do to help them achieve their goals?

Setting Objectives

Parents need to keep in mind that regardless of the goals they have set for their teens, the objectives that count are the ones which were accepted enthusiastically by their children. Nobody likes being pushed and forced into any pursuit they are not comfortable with. Hence if you as a parent are setting an impractical and unattainable objective for them, it will only lead to stress and tension between parent and child.

Each child has differing abilities. For several kids, accomplishing ten touchdowns during the football season is not a practical objective since it will not stretch their abilities. For some though, the reality that they made it to the team is enough. This means you need to know not only your teen’s abilities, but their passions as well. As parents, we need to shape their passions to a worthy objective that is not only practical but gives them enough flex.

Talk to your kids about their objectives. They might have set some for themselves already. If your son has managed to set goals, encourage them and give them your support. Keep in mind that at this point, your kid is not only acquiring skills on how to catch a ball but important life skills as well like deciding on goals, endurance, mental fortitude and training.

Helping Your Teens Accomplish Their Objectives

Now that you have talked to your son about his football playing goals, it is time to write those goals down. It is believed that writing your goals in paper boosts dedication to the objectives and eventually, accomplishment at a higher percentage.

Support your son when it comes to his commitment. Provide them with helpful reminders and love instead of nagging and hard selling your ideas. When they have a match, make sure to attend the game. Listen to your child as well when he talks about the training, his problems and his joys.

As parents of athletes, we do have a firm impact on our kids. When they are training during the summer and working hard to win during the football season, it is always essential to sit together with them and give their goals a once-over. Make sure to express how much you love and support them in their endeavors. As soon as they achieve or display improvements, point them out, revise those objectives and carry on until the season is over.

Win or lose, it is your job as a parent to tell them that no matter the outcome, you are here cheering them on.


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