Fundraising Tips for High School Football Programs

Football season in high school is one of the best events and something most high school students look forward to. However, it can be an expensive affair. One great way to raise money for the football program is through fundraisers. Fundraisers are a nice means to not only raise money but unity among supporters too.

There are many fundraising ideas you can try out. Here are some suggestions.

  • Decorations for fundraising

This is a great idea for a fundraiser. It is quite simple, easy and profitable too. All you and the members of the fundraising committee need to do is decorate. The services can range from giving front yards, backyards, gardens and patios a makes. If you want affordable decorating supplies, you can choose to buy items in bulk.

Give your decorating services to individuals and cover all the needed steps of giving home areas a makeover in a span of an hour. Decoration services are actually beneficial to people who have plans to celebrate or organize events and parties at their homes. If you want to cut down on costs, you need to acquire materials that you utilized following the celebration or event.

  • Creating crafts

Another excellent way to raise money is to make crafts. If you are quite handy with this activity, you and other members can do it. Ask creative individuals in your fundraising group to produce some pieces. These pieces can be sold by means of an auction online.

People are into products which have been created by means of creative input and hard work. This gives those pieces an appeal that draws people to purchase them. By selling interesting crafts, you can persuade people to buy them and help raise money for the team.

  • Manage a food stall

This is one of the easiest and effective way to raise money for the school football program. Selling food is such a popular move that even grade schools, groups like the Girl Scouts, church groups, charity groups, sports teams and universities try out this method.

Members of the fundraising team can create their own dishes or snacks and sell them by means of a food stall or snack booth set up in a location that has high traffic. For example, you can sell snacks near the amusement park. You need to set up a stall in an area that is usually filled with people if you want to produce a healthy amount of sales. High-traffic areas will also encourage people to come to your stall instead of you moving forward to them.

  • Cholesterol/blood pressure checkup

In order to do this, you can request for the help of physicians and nurses from one of the hospitals in your area. Health care workers are also eager to provide their services to other people free of charge.

With a good amount of financial backup, the football program will thrive and you can pay for expenses involved in making uniforms getting equipment and team travels. Get your team together by way of a meetup and inspire them about the significance of raising funds for the program and the ways in which you can make the plan a successful one.


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