Florida Football Powerhouse

Some of the best high school football in the United States is played in Texas, Florida, California, and New York. With the implementation of new coaching and training methods nearly every season, the margin between hard work and talent is becoming smaller and smaller every year. Kids are getting bigger, faster, and stronger while also getting smarter at the game.


IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida is ranked number in the entire nation. Coached by Kevin Wright, the team is explosive program that has produced amazing players in a relatively short amount of time. The college-prep academy hasn’t conceded a loss since 2014, which is impressive all on its own. This has attracted a lot of criticism from other schools that aren’t classified as pre-college programs. The Ascenders have produced some big names that have attracted a lot of attention in recent news, like running back TJ Pledger, and quarterback, Arthur Sitkowski. The team’s players owe a lot of their success to their intense practice schedule, in addition to the overall synergy of the group. Aside from being a sports academy, IMG provides their students with a rigorous curriculum of common core schoolwork that also prepares their athletes to keep up with their grades once they graduate high school. A large portion of Division I athletes tend to have trouble maintaining a good GPA while they play sports in college, mainly due to the work ethic required while training as hard as they do every day. The success of this team seems to hinge upon hard work, dedication, and overall commitment to success.

Florida Powerhouse

It’s hard to become the best high school football team in the United States, and probably the world, without playing some of the toughest competition. Part of what makes IMG such a sports powerhouse is their intense, 21 game varsity schedule that pits the world’s top high school players against other high ranking teams. The Ascenders don’t mess around with who they play, and do not fluff their schedule with easy wins. This kind of exposure, according to the head coach, tends to pull much needed maturity of the players – every game that they play requires laser focus and determination. These kids are giving it everything they have every time they step onto the field. Why are they so good?

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Long Training Hours

Living in Florida usually gives teams like IMG the opportunity to practice football every day of every year. Perfecting plays, honing athletic ability, and connecting with teammates is a nonstop endeavor. American sports programs are only increasing in competency every year, meaning that the extra mile between a win and a loss is becoming longer and longer. The kids know that, approaching top schools like IMG to try and take their football game to the next level. Parents, coaches, and football fans everywhere are talking about the great future that IMG prep school players have in store for them. The school can provide the tools, but the players are ultimately the ones that have to put in the required time and the effort.