Essential Drills for High School Football

You have to do some preparation if you want to compete in American high school football games. First, you need to learn the rules involved in the game and know the essentials of defense and offense. You have to be physically fit as well since the sport is very physical. This means you need to build strength and spend some time working out in the gym.

You can also join a football camp so you can sharpen your skills better and instill great discipline and mental capacity for the games. Football camp engages in drills that help student-athletes strengthen not only their bodies but their minds as well. Here are some of the basic drills that you need to know.

  • Practice high passes

Not every throw made by a player is flawless, so it is important that you practice on your catch. Make it a point to make good catches whether high or low. Practice on the high passes by doing this—create a diamond shape using your thumbs and forefingers. As soon as you have those hands extended, you are making a good catch. Do not catch the ball using your body.

You have to look at the catch through and through then gather it. Your eyes must not stray and always focus on the ball.

  • Learn gauntlet drills

One of the most crucial abilities that an offensive team must learn is securing the ball at all times and stopping turnovers and fumbles. Individuals who play wide receivers, quarterbacks and running back positions must practice those skills. One of the best methods to hone this is through the gauntlet drill.

This drill is done by having a player dash through some opponents that attempt to get the ball. The opponents can align in any development but the most commonly seen lineup are two lines, and the carrier of the ball should pass through those lines. To accomplish this drill, the player with the ball must hold the ball in a variety of positions.

  • Develop your reactions

The reaction is a capability that players must develop by means of drills and excellent conditioning. This particular drill will allow players to change directions swiftly during a game. The drill begins by positioning players in a downsized 4-square box. As soon as the players locate themselves in any of the box’s corners, they will then advance to jump from one corner of the spot to the other. This can be done randomly or using a pattern. Variations of it can be left or right, etc.

Those are just some of the basics that players need to know to master the game. Apart from those drills and workouts, players also require constant hydration over the course of a game or practice. Make drinking water a habit to keep you well hydrated at all times. Football requires tons of movement so sweating a lot is a given. By having water on hand, you will easily stop dehydration from occurring. Practice those drills along with enough water and your game will run smoothly.    


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