What American High School Football Teaches the Youth

A high school football team has players coming from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The athletes are in various shapes and sizes. But, even with their differences, they must work together to win. They must put aside their personal beliefs and cooperate to attain a common goal.

Adults who have played football know that working together with others can make their business or career success. Group effort trumps individual effort at all times. People who want to succeed must learn to cooperate with each other.

Struggling against Adversity

American high school football helps people how to overcome adversity. A football team and even its members struggle against all kinds of adversity every day. During a game, a player can get knocked down and beaten for a touchdown. The manner by which he deals with the situation dictates how he will play the game until the end. He will be fine if he learns from this adversity and moves on.

Outside of the football field, a man deals with different adversities. He may lose his job. If he knows how to overcome any adversity, he will be able to learn from his experience and move on. But, if he dwells on his career failure, he will not go far in life. He can never pick himself up and move on with life.

Consistency is the Name of the Game

High school football requires its athletes to work hard all the time. A player who is not serious about the game will find himself replaced with more qualified one.

The same is true with life. People who do not work hard will be replaced by someone better. Success is elusive to those people who do not work hard all the time.

Dependency on Others

A football player is part of the team. His team depends on him. He has a role to play, and he must play it well. The team will not succeed if this person does not do his job.

In real life, each person needs to do his best because other people depend on him. A project will not succeed if there are people who produce mediocre results. All team members suffer if the project fails.

Being Responsible

A football player must be responsible for his actions. If he wants to continue to be a part of the team, he must inform his coach if something comes up or if he cannot attend practice.

The same is true in life outside of the field. A person must be responsible enough because other people rely on him. If he is sick and cannot go to work, he must inform his superiors. Irresponsibility has no place in any organization. An irresponsible person will find himself booted out of any job or project.

Being a Good Team Player

An American high school football player may find satisfaction if he reaches his goal. But, this is not the goal of the whole team. Success is more satisfying if players work together to make their team win. Surrendering to the goal of the team is bigger and better than a personal goal.

Adults often fail in becoming a good team player. If they do not have the proper training and preparation, they will not be able to cooperate. For instance, they will not be able to have a successful marriage if they put their own goals first. In marriages, the needs and goals of the family must come first.


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