Why American High School Football is Better in Texas

Texas has the greatest affinity for American high school football, and this article will show you why.

Bigger Stadiums

Texas has humongous stadiums that cost more than $60 million. It can fill the stadium with thousands of die hard high school football fans.

Long History of Football

Texas is synonymous with high school football. Its football traditions are strong and long. In fact, Hollywood movies tried capturing its essence with some blockbusters. But, you really do not understand its importance unless you experience it yourself.

Competing Teams

Texas rivalries also have long-held traditions. Their games draw large crowds and Texans take them seriously. Sometimes Texans do not talk to each other if they are from rival schools.

Football as a Community Event

Friday nights during the Fall are for American high school football. The whole community gather together to watch the game. People do not talk about political views, race, religions, and economic backgrounds. Adults gather in the stands while the kids run around. Little girls are cheerleaders while the younger boys play football on the other fields. Everyone is in the stands to watch the game.

Huge Impact on the Youth

High school football teaches the youth a lot of things. It shows why hard work is important to generate better results. Preparation makes a person confident. Teamwork can lead to victories. Because Texas emphasizes high school football, it is able to shape the lives of its youth.

Love of the Game

Texans love high school football. The athletes do not play because of hefty checks or college scholarships. They play because they love the game. Fans watch the game without paying crazy fees or gambling. They just enjoy a great game.

Perfect Weather

Texas has the perfect Fall weather for football. While people in the north have to wear parkas and toboggans, Texas weather is cool and breezy.

Team Spirit

Every native of Texas can relate to a high school football team. In fact, years later, they still refer to their teams as “our team.” The excitement starts at the beginning of the week and builds towards game day.

Tailgating in Team Colors and Cowboy Hats

If you ever visit Texas and you people in cutoff denim shorts and cowboy boots, you know that it’s either game day or a town festival.


Homecoming games are a spectacle in themselves. Local stores offer a roster of mum supplies and team colors. Schools have a week of events such as pep rallies, homecoming king, and queen, and themed school days. The weekends with a match that will make the home team wins. The packed stadium has the entire community in attendance. The home team is guaranteed to win.

Texas is truly the capital of high school football, not only in the USA but in the world. Everyone enjoys a great game with family and friends. Young boys dream of playing football and young girls want to be cheerleaders. Football is life in Texas.


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