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We all Had a Dream of Playing in the NFL

Now, like most youngins, I had a dream to go play for the New york giants, I want to be a wide receiver. BUT, I was not fast enough or tall enough. MY stardom ended after my Highschool football career. Everyone got bigger while I stayed the same size. Oh well, I still have my love for football and I watch College football on Saturdays and the NFL on sundays.

BUT, my favorite games to go to are my Sons games on Fridays! Yes, I have a 15 year old in his first year of of HS. There is just something different about the energy and seeing the young stars play and how committed they all are to the game! I love watching every minute of my sons games! here is his team below.

Well, enough about me, lets hear from you! Tell me all about your HS football story or just connect to talk football, either way I think we both will enjoy it! Contact Me