What Parents Need to Know About Football Injuries

Football remains to be one of the most popular sports in the world. Whether high school, college or professional football, people of all ages get glued to the happenings on the field. Football is a very physical sport, hence players put themselves at risk for injuries. Members of the football team put up with damaging body and ground contact plus pressure and stress on the ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Injuries cannot be prevented in this sport so parents of children who want to play the sport are often uncertain to let their kids participate. However, the dangers of injury can be reduced as long as there is cooperation between coaches, parents, patients and doctors.

Some Important Points to Remember

Whenever your son approaches you and asks for your permission to play football, as a parent the answer you should give them must often depend on the outcome of the complete medical checkup. Guarantee that the physician is aware of the sport and its consequences so the child can be examined for relevant factors like heart condition and flexibility of the joints. As soon as the child is cleared, they can then segue to knowing more about the football program and checking out the safety measures provided.

A crucial aspect of avoiding injury in any type of sport is sustaining correct conditioning by means of a healthy, nutritious diet and regular exercise routines. Inquire your child’s possible coach how the training or conditioning is managed. Conditioning that lasts most of the year is recommended however teens must participate in correct conditioning programs for 6 weeks at the least before the start of standard training. Inquire if the coach is in charge of the conditioning or if they hired a trainer to work with the kids.

Dehydration is one of the most common problems related to physical sports like football. Training and practice for high school football are typically held during the summer, out of doors. Inquire the coach what safety measures are applied so dehydration can be prevented. Become aware of the fact that water and fluid breaks should take place every 45 minutes and the players must be permitted to drink water or the beverage of their choice so they are hydrated at all times. Inquire the coach as well if the trainers or other staff know how to apply CPR.

Protective equipment is obligated however you do need to make sure that the equipment fits properly. Teens must use a mouth guard while playing the game whether the program obligates it or not. Mouth guards are helpful since it stops dental injuries from taking place and it can help shield the jaw and specific kinds of head injuries too.

Ask the coach what medical staff will be around over the course of the training or matches in case injuries take place. To be ready in case the worst happens, take into consideration providing the trainer or coach an emergency healthcare consent letter. The letter permits your kid to be carried and provided treatment at a hospital even if you are not present during the event.


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Fundraising Tips for High School Football Programs

Football season in high school is one of the best events and something most high school students look forward to. However, it can be an expensive affair. One great way to raise money for the football program is through fundraisers. Fundraisers are a nice means to not only raise money but unity among supporters too.

There are many fundraising ideas you can try out. Here are some suggestions.

  • Decorations for fundraising

This is a great idea for a fundraiser. It is quite simple, easy and profitable too. All you and the members of the fundraising committee need to do is decorate. The services can range from giving front yards, backyards, gardens and patios a makes. If you want affordable decorating supplies, you can choose to buy items in bulk.

Give your decorating services to individuals and cover all the needed steps of giving home areas a makeover in a span of an hour. Decoration services are actually beneficial to people who have plans to celebrate or organize events and parties at their homes. If you want to cut down on costs, you need to acquire materials that you utilized following the celebration or event.

  • Creating crafts

Another excellent way to raise money is to make crafts. If you are quite handy with this activity, you and other members can do it. Ask creative individuals in your fundraising group to produce some pieces. These pieces can be sold by means of an auction online.

People are into products which have been created by means of creative input and hard work. This gives those pieces an appeal that draws people to purchase them. By selling interesting crafts, you can persuade people to buy them and help raise money for the team.

  • Manage a food stall

This is one of the easiest and effective way to raise money for the school football program. Selling food is such a popular move that even grade schools, groups like the Girl Scouts, church groups, charity groups, sports teams and universities try out this method.

Members of the fundraising team can create their own dishes or snacks and sell them by means of a food stall or snack booth set up in a location that has high traffic. For example, you can sell snacks near the amusement park. You need to set up a stall in an area that is usually filled with people if you want to produce a healthy amount of sales. High-traffic areas will also encourage people to come to your stall instead of you moving forward to them.

  • Cholesterol/blood pressure checkup

In order to do this, you can request for the help of physicians and nurses from one of the hospitals in your area. Health care workers are also eager to provide their services to other people free of charge.

With a good amount of financial backup, the football program will thrive and you can pay for expenses involved in making uniforms getting equipment and team travels. Get your team together by way of a meetup and inspire them about the significance of raising funds for the program and the ways in which you can make the plan a successful one.


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Helpful Advice for Parents with Football Player Teens

Parents who have successful sons in their schools’ high school football teams are proud of the achievements of their children. In order to make their kids a success in the program, they support them and allow them to register for football camps and summer training. These preparations pay well during the football season. So if you have a child who plays football and you want him to succeed, what are the objectives parents need to do to help them achieve their goals?

Setting Objectives

Parents need to keep in mind that regardless of the goals they have set for their teens, the objectives that count are the ones which were accepted enthusiastically by their children. Nobody likes being pushed and forced into any pursuit they are not comfortable with. Hence if you as a parent are setting an impractical and unattainable objective for them, it will only lead to stress and tension between parent and child.

Each child has differing abilities. For several kids, accomplishing ten touchdowns during the football season is not a practical objective since it will not stretch their abilities. For some though, the reality that they made it to the team is enough. This means you need to know not only your teen’s abilities, but their passions as well. As parents, we need to shape their passions to a worthy objective that is not only practical but gives them enough flex.

Talk to your kids about their objectives. They might have set some for themselves already. If your son has managed to set goals, encourage them and give them your support. Keep in mind that at this point, your kid is not only acquiring skills on how to catch a ball but important life skills as well like deciding on goals, endurance, mental fortitude and training.

Helping Your Teens Accomplish Their Objectives

Now that you have talked to your son about his football playing goals, it is time to write those goals down. It is believed that writing your goals in paper boosts dedication to the objectives and eventually, accomplishment at a higher percentage.

Support your son when it comes to his commitment. Provide them with helpful reminders and love instead of nagging and hard selling your ideas. When they have a match, make sure to attend the game. Listen to your child as well when he talks about the training, his problems and his joys.

As parents of athletes, we do have a firm impact on our kids. When they are training during the summer and working hard to win during the football season, it is always essential to sit together with them and give their goals a once-over. Make sure to express how much you love and support them in their endeavors. As soon as they achieve or display improvements, point them out, revise those objectives and carry on until the season is over.

Win or lose, it is your job as a parent to tell them that no matter the outcome, you are here cheering them on.


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Tips on Playing High School Football

If you are interested in playing high school football, you need to know some of the basics. Here are tips on playing some standard moves for the sport. Take these suggestions in mind if you want to have a solid football game.

Excellent Hand Off Moves

If you want better offense, you need to know more about the hand off. An excellent hand off begins with the running back providing a mark to the quarterback. This can be completed by making the running back maintain his arms flat against the body with one arm down low to produce an open square or mark all over the chest for the quarterback to slide the ball in.

As soon as the quarterback slips the ball inside the arms, the running back then closes his arms all over the ball to safeguard it. When the running back leaves the hand off, he has to remain low so he can react faster to shield the ball.

Good Up Downs

The up down is a well-known conditioning drill among football circles. It is an efficient means to boost cardiovascular strength and endurance. The drill is composed of directing players to sprint in place as quick and vigorous as they can. Every now and then the coach will gesture to the players by means of a command or whistle to get down. This means players need to do push-ups then get back up as fast as they can to do sprints again. This excellent workout should be done gradually and increase in terms of intensity and length bit by bit.

Catch the Ball Properly

Not all throws are flawless so you need to train producing catches that are either low or high. There is a good variety of passes that you can obtain. Here are the essentials on basic high-pass catching—extend your arms and maintain your hands together in a diamond shape in order to get the ball. As soon as you catch the ball with your body, there is a possibility that it will recoil and lead to an incomplete pass.

As soon as you got your hands all over the ball, keep track of it at all times and trail it straight into the tuck. There are receivers who fear a succeeding tackle and need to examine the field ASAP—they tail the catch by using their eyes so they are capable of catching more and taking in plenty of playing time.

Quick Jumps

Another skill that high school football players need is reaction. This can be developed by means of drills and conditioning. The quick jump is meant to boost reaction speed and the capability to change directions fast. It begins by positioning players inside a tiny 4-square box. As soon as the players arrange themselves in any of the corners, they will carry on jumping from one corner of the box to another, randomly or by means of a prefigured function. Variations can be done as well; the drill can be one-legged or the coach can change the order of the players.


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Setting High School Football Objectives

Summer has come and gone and now a new school semester begins. Not only that, it is also the beginning of the football season. Football is a sport that challenges greatly due to the skill, talent and level of competition required in order to succeed in the game.

If you want to prep up for the start of the season or want to train the following year, you need to set some objectives. Find the proper steps to not only make goals, but how to achieve them. Here are some suggestions that you can keep in mind.

  1. Know the reason behind your objectives

An objective will not be accomplished successfully if you do not have any idea about why you created those goals in the first place. Answer yourself “why” first. Why do you need the advantages of the accomplished objectives? Why do you give so much care about it? Answers can range from a college scholarship, basking in the glory of a win, fame and vice versa.

The deal here is you have to work hard in order to achieve your goals. Training for the team can be hard so at times you need to sacrifice time with friends or family for extended training and practice. You have to wake up early in the morning for practice and at times, you need to do double time for weekend training. If you accept those things, then go ahead and set goals. However, if you cannot see yourself doing some sacrifices, then you need to change goals and choose an objective that will bring you what you need.

  1. Write your objectives

After founding solid reasons for those goals, it is time to write them down. Write significant goals then divide them into smaller additions. Lastly, you need to make a plan. Take note of your smaller goals and how those minor objectives will steer you to the path of success. In addition, take note of the sacrifices you are going to make along the way and why you accepted them.

As soon as you have made your plans, join them in a power statement. Write down your objective and all of the things you want done in order to be successful, in one sentence.

The steps will not only help you in your football dreams, it can also be applied to any goal you want achieved in life. Learning all there is on how to accomplish goals create huge advantages. It is crucial to keep in mind that when you are beginning to set goals, you need to know the reason behind those goals first and truly understand the actions you are willing to take, and why you want it to happen.

Writing your objectives and making a plan will further cast your goals in stone.  You can pin the notes down by your nightstand or study table so you will be inspired by the words you have set. Nothing beats that feeling of preparedness for your goals so make sure that you have your objectives.


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High School Football Season: Exciting Times for Students and the Whole Community

High school football season is something all students and members of the community look forward to every year. For the members of the football team, preparation involves hard training weeks prior to the start of the new school semester. The team practice early in the AM for several days. Teams often prepare themselves for approximately 10 games—1 for every week once school starts until the Thanksgiving holiday.

School and Community Spirit

For the successful teams, they will be able to play during the playoff season and of course, the much-awaited championship games. High school football period provides the entire student body with a rush of the school spirit. In the hallways and on student’s apparel, you will see support by the donning of school colors.

There are pep rallies headed by cheerleaders with the involvement of the football team, the marching band and various student groups. These are events that highlight the season. Students are into the whole idea of getting time off from school duties to attend these pep rallies.

The season can also provide the whole community with a fulfilling sense of pride when it comes to their town or city. Individuals from all over the place congregate in the areas where the matches are held to support teams. From the parents down to the grandparents, brothers, sisters and relatives, people from all walks of life cheer and support their favorite teams. School alumni also drop by to see how well their school is doing at the games. They also meet up with batch mates and bond like the old times. Stadiums during this season becomes the central point for the town or city during that season.

Financial Backing for the Teams

However, running a football program can be an expensive affair. The program has to pay for the expenses meant for facilities, equipment plus traveling for matches out of town. In order to finance such programs, several schools have financial backing in the district budget for factors like facility maintenance. However most of the time, the expenses are typically taken on by parents.

To manage these costs and continue supporting the team, majority of schools form a football boosters organization. At times, there is only a single boosters club for all sports teams in the school. These organizations are composed of teachers, parents and members of the community who meet up frequently and plan out methods in which to add more money to back up football teams.

Booster clubs or organizations determine methods in which to raise money to maintain a yearly football season. One of the most popular ways to raise money is to hold concessions. This is a great way for parents who love to cook to provide money for the program. Booster clubs can sell food and drinks at the game or during community events. Selling football merchandise and stadium seats are also great tried-and-tested methods. These groups actually can think of fun and creative ways to raise money for the program.

It is a must to raise financial backing for the program because high school football season is a celebration like no other. For a few months, the entire community revels in the excitement of the matches and at the same time unites all of the people in the area.


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The Basics About American High School Football

Football in the US is very similar to the way the sport was played in Canada. It is one of the most popular team sports in the country. People of all ages appreciate the excitement the sport brings. NFL season is always an event that is followed by a lot of American citizens. Football is played in high schools and colleges all over the country. Major football teams recruit the best players in college, so if high school students want to play in professional teams, they need to show effort and dedication to the sport at a young age.

High school football is known as prep football as well in the country. Prep football began in the 19th century. From the 19th century until the early 20th century, big numbers of university and high school teams played in various matches. The rules for the game are made and managed by the NFSH or National Federation of State High School Association.

American High School Facts

One rule of the sport is that the four quarters has a length of 12 minutes each. In case a ball passes through the field of the goal line on a field goal that was missed, it would be referred to as a touch back. The defense, in turn, will not be able to sprint for additional points.

It is a given that for every school, only its students are qualified for the football team. However, home-schooled students can now compete in high school football games through freelance or independent teams. These teams often compete in matches against smaller private schools. First games often happen in early September and the final season game happens in the middle of November.

Teams might acquire more than one bye weeks over the course of the standard seasons. Bigger schools are typically in charge of drawing attendees by the thousands even for games held during a regular season. At times, stadiums get packed to the gills with such large numbers of football fans and supporters.

High school football games are usually held during Friday nights and some Thursday evenings. Games are not held during Saturdays as a rule. Some publications provide countrywide team rankings depending on mathematical formulas and polls. These formulas and polls generally rely on the might of the schedules and the team’s victory margin. In the US, plenty of people and critics consider the USA Today polls as the most accurate in predicting team rankings.

Recruitment of players begins in the summer before the new school year and football season begins. The primary factor for recruitment of potential players starts with physical evaluation. The evaluation relied on such events like vertical jumps, bench press repetitions (with weight provided) and sprinting a 40-yard dash.

High school football championships are covered by local radios, and television outfits since the majority of the games are held during prime time. School’s radio stations announce the schedule of the games. Football in high school, USA is a sport that does not run out of participants due to the competition, strength, and excitement that it brings for many fans of the sport in the country.


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High School Football Plays

Football in the United States has its roots in university or college football. To this day, it remains to be one of the most well-known and exciting sports events to watch. Lots of students who get to play ball in high school playoffs join college football tryouts later. The talented and skilled students who get noticed by these college coaches are often provided with scholarships in order to play in their teams.

Football is a sport that involves strength, speed and mental fortitude. There are essentials you need to know about the sport if you are new to the whole thing. One of the most important components of football in general is the play.

Types of Plays

Football has plenty of plays and one of them is the forward pass. Teams have attempted to undertake this for a good 30 years prior to it being made legal, finally. The start of a forward pass is crucial to any football game. As soon as the arm of the passer starts to budge onward. The forward pass is denoted and done. When the player drops the ball prior to the forward pass, it is referred to as the fumble and this leads to a loose ball.

In this event, players from both teams can acquire the ball before or after it reaches the ground. If another player though gets the ball prior to it hitting the ground, it is referred to as an interception or a completed pass. In American football, whenever the quarterback tries to take the ball back to his possession as soon as a passing move was put into play, a lost ball might be deemed as an incomplete pass despite the fact that the quarterback’s arm is still budging backward during that time. This is referred to as a tuck rule.

There are plenty of talented and skilled high school students who want to achieve their dreams of making it to the college football team of their choice. Recruiting for football games continues as a noteworthy activity for both high school and college students. There are those talented few who have sufficient skills to gather the attention of football recruitment coaches while they are still in high school. There are players as well who work hard in order to advance in their fields.

Acquiring public coverage is a primary factor in being a shoo-in for the recruitment procedure. In order to be noticed by these coaches, high school football players need to work hard. Especially players who want to get in college by means of those football scholarships universities offer. You can begin by knowing the steps you need to take and remember to make it in the team.

There is nothing wrong as well if you want to promote or market your skills to the right people. You can send your potential coach a list of your athletic capabilities and a personal letter—explain why you are right for his team. Being visible in the high school team is not enough—you still need to do your homework in order to get ahead in the process.


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Why American High School Football is Better in Texas

Texas has the greatest affinity for American high school football, and this article will show you why.

Bigger Stadiums

Texas has humongous stadiums that cost more than $60 million. It can fill the stadium with thousands of die hard high school football fans.

Long History of Football

Texas is synonymous with high school football. Its football traditions are strong and long. In fact, Hollywood movies tried capturing its essence with some blockbusters. But, you really do not understand its importance unless you experience it yourself.

Competing Teams

Texas rivalries also have long-held traditions. Their games draw large crowds and Texans take them seriously. Sometimes Texans do not talk to each other if they are from rival schools.

Football as a Community Event

Friday nights during the Fall are for American high school football. The whole community gather together to watch the game. People do not talk about political views, race, religions, and economic backgrounds. Adults gather in the stands while the kids run around. Little girls are cheerleaders while the younger boys play football on the other fields. Everyone is in the stands to watch the game.

Huge Impact on the Youth

High school football teaches the youth a lot of things. It shows why hard work is important to generate better results. Preparation makes a person confident. Teamwork can lead to victories. Because Texas emphasizes high school football, it is able to shape the lives of its youth.

Love of the Game

Texans love high school football. The athletes do not play because of hefty checks or college scholarships. They play because they love the game. Fans watch the game without paying crazy fees or gambling. They just enjoy a great game.

Perfect Weather

Texas has the perfect Fall weather for football. While people in the north have to wear parkas and toboggans, Texas weather is cool and breezy.

Team Spirit

Every native of Texas can relate to a high school football team. In fact, years later, they still refer to their teams as “our team.” The excitement starts at the beginning of the week and builds towards game day.

Tailgating in Team Colors and Cowboy Hats

If you ever visit Texas and you people in cutoff denim shorts and cowboy boots, you know that it’s either game day or a town festival.


Homecoming games are a spectacle in themselves. Local stores offer a roster of mum supplies and team colors. Schools have a week of events such as pep rallies, homecoming king, and queen, and themed school days. The weekends with a match that will make the home team wins. The packed stadium has the entire community in attendance. The home team is guaranteed to win.

Texas is truly the capital of high school football, not only in the USA but in the world. Everyone enjoys a great game with family and friends. Young boys dream of playing football and young girls want to be cheerleaders. Football is life in Texas.


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Playing High School Football

Many people participated in football games for years. They did it not to show off but played the game with all the passion they can muster. You will always see the enthusiasm for the game in every football match. Players try to win the game while people around them cheer them on. It is one of the most adrenaline-packed sports that you will see and engage in, so it is only natural that young people are also drawn by the sport.

You finally got recruited and tackled a few games, but how do you become a better football player in school? Here are some morale-boosting suggestions on how you can become a great player and a teammate.

1. Always keep in mind that your objective can be realized with a good deal of effort. First and foremost, football is not only a physical game; it is also a mental one. Players are required to come with a positive attitude during training and competition. Having a positive mental attitude raises the passion and determination you have for the game and winning.

2. Remember to take care and look after your teammates as well. Football is a group effort—everyone has to participate, and with the right strategy, cooperation between all players will guarantee a win. Even though you may not agree with the entire team, you should always give support to each other.

3. Do not overlook drills and exercises that will make you increase your speed. Squats will help you a lot in this area. You can do jumping squats to boost your reflex muscles’ speed. Use a step and squat up and down. Stand straight then jump down back into a squatting position. Continue with the exercise 40 times each day. Increase the step’s height bit by bit.

4. Make sure that you understand the term down in the sport. Downs in football parlance are four tries that the team with the balls acquires. Teams make use of those downs to move the ball ten yards. Whenever the offensive team succeeds at getting in 10 yards, the team will be given an additional set of downs. However if they fail at getting 10 yards following four plays, the challenging team acquires the ball.

5. Because this is a laborious sport, make sure that you keep your body in tiptop shape. It is time to spend some time in the gym doing cardio to take your strength to the next level. As mentioned earlier, speed is a foremost factor in football games. Great football players are fast not only when it comes to running, but they are also blessed with fast reflexes and quick reaction times. If you already have an excellent workout regimen, supplement the program with several track exercises. Regular workouts will improve your speed and strength in no time.

6. Food and water and essential. Make sure that you quit fast food and instead, opt for nutritious food items that will help keep your energy up. Also, water is an essential element in every football practice and match. Sweating is a given thus you need to load up on water to replace the ones that were lost. See to it that you drink a lot of the stuff during practice and field matches.


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